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..."At the time of Gastronomy"

Definition of Gastronomie, feminine name, Art of the good food, the agancement of the dishes is a crucial aspect of Gastronomie.

Synonyms: Art: Art of the good food, the art of entertaining, the art of the good food, the art of the good life; Food: Tasting

Our gastronomic restaurant is open every evening for diner, and sunday for lunch, except Tuesday.

 Alain Gardillou, Michelin starred Chef, invites you to discover the most beautiful products of the region, black Truffles from Périgord, foie gras of course, but also the veal, the caviar, the strawberries, the walnuts, etc.

A garden of numerous aromatic herbs, vegetables and flowers.

A festif way of seeing the Gastronomie, a beautiful selection of cheese, dessert trolley..

A great wine list, an excellent choice of alcohols, the whole of it in an atmosphere and a decoration of the restaurant convenient to the discovery, to the tasting..
Home made foie gras with your aperitif
While you wait for your starters:
Little starter inspired by the season...
Caviar of Aquitaine 30 grams - 69 Euros -
(Stay in half board, Supplément 43€)
Thick slice of foie gras pan fried, tartar of papaya with citrus fruits, cocoa beans - 26 Euros -
Salad of lobster, vegetables and yellow "courgettes" with ginger - 38 Euros -
Artichoke crusty tart, vegetables and summer white truffles - 24 Euros -
Ravioli of long radish, raw scampi marinated with walnut oil, chili pepper from Espelette and roquet salad - 26 Euros -
Cake of ceps fried mushrooms and creamy stock - 22 Euros -
Main courses:
Monkfish, pasta salad with sorrel, pin seeds and lemon - 36 Euros per person- 
Seabass grilled, vegetables, foam of shells and crustaceous - 42 Euros -  
(Stay in half board, Supplement 4€)
Lobster and its claws, served with Chanterelle mushrooms and a stock - 45 Euros - 
(Stay in half board, Supplement 8€)
Fresh pasta with black Truffles, slice of foie gras with chives - 58 Euros  -
 (Stay in half board, Supplement 18€)
Filet of Mallard roasted in its juice, grilled bread with the giblets and stuffed thigh. Autumn vegetables - 42 Euros  -
 (Stay in half board, Supplement 4€)
Roasted saddle of lamb, vegetables, fried by parsnip perfumed in the watercress, the juice of thyme - 38 Euros -
Brest of prok "cul noir" candied, cromesquis of chestnuts in black bread, virgin oil of herbs and roasted nuts - 36 Euros -
Les entremets:
A selection of fine, matured cheese with dried fruits  - 15 Euros -
Dessert trolley of Alain GARDILLOU et Pierre GOBERT  - 18 Euros -
(Stay in half board, cheese and dessert Supplement 15€, Cheese or dessert, no suplement)