Definition of Informal, adjective: Which does not obey the usual forms, which is not subjected to strict rules. Which has no official caractere.

Lunch will be an informal, more modern and relaxed concept, where we welcome you from 12h until 14h30.

Simple but generous dishes, big salads, indivudual or to share, a glass of wine, some cheese, a dessert or two or not..

It is the lunchtime !
(Served at lunch time only except on Sundays and national holidays. closed on Tuesdays)
The Starters:
The fat duck of Périgord
It is a gastronomic icon in Dordogne, one of the most cooked products, that I can tell the quality of, before even touching it.
Semi-cooked, the foie gras is simply salted, peppered in terrine, served with pear roasted in a crust of salt:
One slice - 11 euros
Two slices - 18 euros
Maison Espinet - Boulazac 24
Without them, we cannot cook, it is the basis of all the dishes, every sauces..
The crunchiness, the freshness, flavours, the taste.. Source of inspiration for every starting season, it is happiness and colours ! We cook starters, salades..
Sometimes cooked, but more often raw:
- Vegetable "escalivade" served with roquette, pine nuts and fromage frais - 9 euros
Large Plate - 14 euros
- Mixed salad, with baby sweet corn,
sweet potato and marinated fish with olive oil - 10 euros
- Large Plate - 15 euros
- Chinese salad leaves, beef marinated with sesame, pomegranate - 12 euros
It will be served also in mean courses
Ferme des Jariottes - Piègut Pluvier 24
The Asado:
Beef from "la coutancie"
Known by everyone has one of the best beef in the world, tender and with a remarkable taste.
It is a product of exception, that we receive in its entire state, that we split: 
- Steak of your choice : Sirloin, ribeye, "bavette".. - 26 euros
- And also beautiful rib of beef for 2 people - 64 euros
The breeder, Charles Dufraisse is like me, in love with the Argentina and we completely agree on admitting the Argentines supremacy in the art of cooking and enhancing the meat.
Domaine de Coutancie - Saint-priest les Fougères 24
"Black bottom" pig of Périgord
I choose the belly, that I marmate for 48 hours in honey brine before letting it cook slowly in its own fat.
- Succulent belly slices of black bottom pig from Périgord - 19 euros
Ferme de Puyzareau - Eyvirat - 24 
The fishermen
Here, I have to go a little away from the Périgord.. Argentines only eat a few products from the sea, but I cannot resist the idea of grilling on the ember some beautiful fishes :
I have an exceptional supplier who has his on workingship with fishermen, from those little boats from which they still angle.
- Fish of the day -Prices and suggestions depend on the cal day's catch-
Denis Genet/ Rungis 94
Breast of duck from Périgord
- Crusty and sliced thinly - 16 euros
 Sweetbread from the Limousin
-  Sweetbread, gilded entirely in embers, a lemon peel... - 28 euros
To accompany a choice of :
Risolée potatoes or, stir fried vegetables or salad.
Every dishes are accompanying of a "Chimichuri" whish is a virgin oil perfumed in spices.
The pepper from "le moulin" is a white Sarawak from Indonesia that we roast ourselves.
And, our cooking is always perfumed with salt "flower".
Cheese : 
From all regions of France, matured...
As of course, "le cabécou" from the green Périgord and "la Trappe du Monastère d'Echourgnac", cheese of "Cistercian" tradition matured by nuns with walnut liquor.
- Large plate of cheese (8 varieties), green salad with walnut oil - 14 euros
- Small plate of cheese (3 varieties), green salad with walnut oil - 7 euros
The desserts :
The pâtisserie, is a complicity with my friend Pierre Gobert with whom we have been conceiving and realizing together our own baking.
It is also our producers of strawberry, and fruits of season and of course our aromatic herb garden, for mint, basil, vervein, balm, citronella... that refresh and parfumed syrups and sorbets.
- Plat of pâtisserie of the moment - 9 euros
- Fruit salad with fresh mint and fruit sorbet - 8 euros
- Selection of icecream or sorbet - 8 euros
"Despite ourselves we reach simplicity by getting close to the real meaning of things"