Served everyday, except on Sundays (Restaurant closed on Tuesdays)


It is a journey between Argentina and France,


It is the association of the finest products that we have with the art and the Argentinian way of cooking, the

parilla, the charcoal fire over which meat is grilled...



The Starters:


- Creamy soup of courgettes perfumed with curry, served cold. (9 €)




- « Tartine » of duck, the filet row marinated, but also dried and chips of foie gras… (9€)




-Terrine of young rabbit, crushed tomatoes with olive oil and fresh herbs. (9 €)


L’Asado :


For meet lovers, and in the Argentine tradition, three products are

served together, you taste everything… 25€


- Beef from « Coutancie »

Know as one of the best beef in the world,

tender and with a remarquable taste.


- « Black bottom pig » of Périgord

That I marinate for 48 hours in honey brine before letting it cook slowly in its own fat.

Tender and crunchy after been grilled on the ember..


- The farmer Chicken from Champagnac

The farm is really very close.. and its poultry are beautiful!

Marinated a few hours in lime jus with spices, before being grilled on the skin



All the dishes are accompanied with potatoes and a mixed salad, with

vegetables and aromatic herbs of the garden.


For those who prefers fish, the parilla around three products

of the sea, cooked on the ember.

Depending on the day’s catch… 25€


- Some beautiful fishes, cuttlefish, sardines.. I have un exceptional supplier from the port of Guilvinec in Brittany, we receive the fish the following morning, it is ultra fresh, it is magnificent !


And also two other alternatives :


- The « blue » lobster

Whole beautiful lobster of 5/600 gr. cut in half to be roasted, the

claw is served peeled. Accompanied by a juice of shells… (48€)


- A tart of eggplant and salad of vegetables. Served warm, a real main course! … (20€)


(On the table : "Chimichuri" which is a virgin oil perfumed with spices.

The pepper is a white Sarawak from Indonesia that we roast ourselves.)


Cheeses :


-Large selection of cheese (8 varieties),

green salad with walnut oil (14 €)


-Small selection of cheese (3 varieties), green salad with walnut oil (7 €)


Desserts :


- Selection of « Pâtisseries » (8 €)


- Fruit salad with fresh mint and sorbet (8 €)


- Selection of ice-creams or sorbets (8 €)

"Despite ourselves we reach simplicity by getting close to the real meaning of things"