Definition of Informal, adjective: Which does not obey the usual forms, which is not subjected to strict rules. Which has no official caractere.

Lunch will be un informal, more modern and relaxed concept, where we welcoming you without constraint from 12h until 14h30.

Simple but generous dishes, big salads, unique or to share, a glass of wine, some cheese, a dessert or two or not..

Moment of relaxation, or the contrary fast and effective; you manage your time, your desires and envies with pleasure.
It is the lunchtime !
(Served at lunch time only except on Sundays and national holidays. closed on Tuesdays)
"At Lunch Time.."
- Beetroot, mozzarella " di buffala" fresh mint
-14 Euros-
-Eggplants tart, summer salad, marinated anchovies and eggs of salmon
- 15 Euros-
-Omelette of black pudin, chestnuts and green salad with walnuts
- 15 Euros-
-Duck breast "grillé" with spices and lime. Fried potatoes
-15 Euros-
-Eggs in cocotte, asparagus and fresh sorrel
- 14 Euros-
-Big slices of foie gras in terrine, jam of onions and toasts
- 18 Euros-
-French beans, fennel, salad rocket, pine nuts and shavings of foie gras
- 14 Euros-
-Big cheese selection (8 varieties) green salad with walnut oil
- 14 Euros-
-Small cheese selection (3 varieties) green salad with walnut oil
- 6 Euros-
-8 Euros-

Some drinks suggestions for the Lunch:



HOME APERITIF Kir White Wine Raspberry-Lichee (4 Euros)


CHAMPAGNE Brut Blanc, Alfred Gratien (8 Euros)



BERGERAC Blanc Sec, Château Terremâle 2011 (4 Euros)


CÔTES DE CASTILLON Château Roc, Amphora 2010 (5 Euros)


MONBAZILLAC Dom. de l'Ancienne Cure, Jour de Fruit 2010 (6 Euros)



COFFEE Mélange Italien or Décaféiné (4 Euros)


COFFEE GRAND CRU Sélection of the moment (5 Euros)