The Gift Vouchers by the Moulin du Roc!

Offer, as a present, a unique moment at the Moulin du Roc, with great flexibility for your guests.

This coucher can be used for the hotel and the restaurant.

Valid one year, without restriction.

The Moulin du Roc will be open from 29 March to 4 November 2024. The restaurant is closed on Tuesday all day and one Wednesday for lunch.

Gift box sent within 48 hours (excluding Sundays and public holidays).

* Gift box sent within 48 hours (excluding Sundays and public holidays) - valid for the hotel and the restaurant upon reservation and subject to availability.

Our Values for an eco-responsible wellbeing

The Moulin du Roc has been committed to sustainable tourism for several years and is progressively striving to reduce its environmental impact and thus contribute locally to the socio-economic fabric. Thus, by staying at the Moulin du Roc hotel, you will contribute in your own way to the preservation of our environment and the promotion of a sustainable economy.