Our values

A common commitment

As I write these lines, my memories take me back to the child I was, playing in these walls, bathing in this river, drinking from the fountains...

I grew up in the midst of this nature that I have always taken for granted. Its preservation and conservation were at first a natural act for me, before becoming a subject and then a concern.

In the course of my career, surrounded by the men and women who accompany me, we had to think about how we could contribute at our level, with our values and our means to the protection of the environment and more particularly to sustainable tourism.

Today it is collectively, and if possible with you, that we wish to reinforce our commitment and responsibility for the environment.  We are taking this road humbly, without animosity and without ever wanting to give a lesson.

We know that this road will be long, and that our journey can be constantly improved, but we are going forward convinced that true luxury is to be found here, far from the codes, outside of time and more than ever here!

All together!

Our environmental charter

Le Moulin du Roc has been committed to sustainable tourism for several years and is progressively striving to reduce its environmental impact and thus contribute locally to the socio-economic fabric. In particular, we have put in place: the reduction of water consumption, waste management, the promotion of local agriculture and local products, and the implementation of environmental awareness programmes for our staff and clients.

We are all concerned with the use of renewable energy and we encourage initiatives undertaken in the region, such as the construction of a methanizer in our village. We are currently working on a photovoltaic project that will be implemented in the coming years.

We favour short circuits and local products as much as possible. We grow and use garden flowers to garnish our bouquets and we grow our own herbs for the restaurant. For the first time this year, we will produce our own 100% Moulin du Roc honey, while at the same time helping to preserve our beloved bees. A large orchard with multiple fruit trees is also being created near the Moulin.

At the same time, we have strengthened our commitment to supporting community and associative projects through, for example the local school of the village.

Thus, by staying at the Moulin du Roc hotel, you will contribute in your own way to the preservation of our environment and the promotion of a sustainable economy. It is important to us that our daily work has a real meaning. We thank you for accompanying us directly or indirectly in this eco-responsible approach.


The Moulin du Roc team

Our actions

Ecology, energy savings

- Awareness-raising and training of staff in energy saving, water saving measures and waste management
- Environmentally friendly cleaning products
- Regular use of organic products from local producers for the restaurant
- Proposition of 150 organic wines on the menu
- Ecological containers and reception products in the bathroom, vegan and organic bathroom products
- Incentives for all our guests to reduce the amount of bed linen and towels to be washed
- Automatic system that turns off all the lights when guests leave the room
- Installation of an industrial dryer with heat pump
- Installation of double glazing on the entire ground floor
- Rooms equipped with low-energy light bulbs of category A
- Centralisation and control of the air conditioning in the rooms at the reception desk


- Composting of leaves and grass clippings
- Priority use of organic or natural phytosanitary products
- Use of organic fertilisers and fertilisers
- Use of wood chips for weeding
- Production of aromatic herbs for the kitchen
- Installation of beehives
- Creation of a vegetable garden with many fruit trees (walnuts, figs, apples, cherries, etc.)
- Production of flowers for the bouquets of the hotel and restaurant

Sorting, recycling and limiting waste

- Recycling of waste thanks to selective sorting bins in the service, in the kitchen as well as in all the rooms
- Installation of a composter for food waste
- Sorting of recyclable waste (light bulbs, batteries etc.)
- Installation of French coffee press in the rooms to eliminate individual pods and reuse of coffee grounds
- Installation of a room directory and a digital newspaper kiosk to limit paper consumption
- Recycling of uneaten food to feed animals
- Use of 100% recyclable stationery
- Provision of slippers on request and no longer systematically in the rooms

Encourage the use of less polluting means of transport

- Installation of 2 electric recharging points for vehicles in the hotel car park
- Free provision of recycled and electrically assisted bicycles
- Setting up of a bicycle room
- Encouragement of carpooling