We are happy to welcome you in our Mill !

🌻🌞🌼 Summer is already at Moulin du Roc! Come share warm moments with us. 🌻🌞🌼

Some days, our rooms are still at spring rates!

"A House away from the norms, out of time... Another home!"

The team of the Moulin du Roc 🦋

🌼🌞🌻 Summer is already at Moulin du Roc, prices in spring!

HoTEL & Restaurant
For responsible travellers

A House away from the norms, out of time... Another home!

To see time stop. To spend a moment disconnected, relaxed. Hear only the sound of the river flowing by your side. Savouring a good, beautiful, simple meal that allows you to travel. Then escape into another dream, transported into the arms of Morpheus, so that in the morning you can start again, here at the Moulin du Roc.


Taking you on a journey out of time

From the smiling welcome to the sumptuous rooms, we have created a whole world for you.

Salle de bain suite
Chambre noisette
chambre avoine

Our Values for an eco-responsible wellbeing

The Moulin du Roc has been committed to sustainable tourism for several years and is progressively striving to reduce its environmental impact and thus contribute locally to the socio-economic fabric. Thus, by staying at the Moulin du Roc hotel, you will contribute in your own way to the preservation of our environment and the promotion of a sustainable economy.

The story of a lifetime

40 years separate the two photos below. Time has passed, many things have changed. But curiosity, envy, love and joy are still there. What allows us to live, the essential in short...


Our hotel

All roads lead to the Moulin du Roc

And to Champagnac-de-Belair !
Close to motorways, close to three major airports, only a few kilometres from the TGV high-speed train... To come and visit us at the Mill, you can choose the means of transport that suits you best. All roads lead to us.