discover the périgord


Called also Venice of Périgord, the medieval village of Brantôme is located at less than 10 min of the Moulin du Roc. Its boutiques, the river "la Dronne" and the Abbey - established in 769 by Charlemagne - you travel through time for a walk by the water.

Lascaux IV

In the town of Montignac, the new International Center of Parietal Art to make you (re) discover the cave of Lascaux and its frescoes as they were during their discovery on September 8th, 1940.

Grottes de lascaux


Cultural and touristic capital of the Périgord, recognized city of art and history, Périgueux offers numerous activities: various visits or leisures including a magnificent golf (18 holes) at only 25 minutes of the Moulin.

Outdoor activities

On foot, on a bike or on horseback, there are numerous hikes in Périgord. Our nice rivers invite you for a fishing session, or for a ride in a canoe or gabarre (flat-bottomed boat) to discover villages, castles or cliffs from another point of view. Move and take advantage of the department with one of the best quality of air of France.

Local knowhow

Cutlery industry of Nontron, Repetto, Hermes, etc. Périgord abounds in company and in renowned small business crafts. Discover and benefit of their factory outlets for shopping with preferential rates.

Take your time to discover thE PÉRIGORD

Périgord, its dozens of prize-winning villages, hundreds of monuments, one thousand castles, a multitude of exhibitions, museums and guided tours.

For those who like more sporty activities, there are also hundreds of kilometers of rivers for fishing, canoeing... To dream. But also thousands of kilometers of marked paths for walking, biking, or horse rinding. Golf, karting and many more activities are possible.

Also discover the numerous artists, the craftsmen, manufacture which open you their doors or expose with the farmers, producers and every day and all year long markets.

The local industry is prosperous, and it is possible to visit the factory outlets of renowned brands, as Repetto, shoes Paralelle, the porcelaine of Limoges, cutlery industry in Nontron, The House of the Foie gras, etc.

There is a large number of festivals, cultural events, quite particularly during the summer period.

Finally, unusual activities also await you. To look for real gold, to produce its own caviar are only some examples of the possible original pastimes.

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