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a life of passion

My profession, and my art, is to live... By Alain Gardillou.

I have a very emotional link with my profession; my mother was herself a chef with two stars in the Michelin guide. From the age of 4 years old, immersed in this setting, I could see myself making this my profession. From then on, my direction, my studies, my reading were all guided by this objective.

At 16 years old, I finally began my apprenticeship, my parents allowed me to work for and be trained by some of the great chefs like Joël Robuchon. At the same time, I rounded off my training with work placements alongside bakers, butchers, chocolatiers, ice-creams makers...

At 26 years old, I was ready, my parents knew to step back, they retired and I bought Le Moulin, so I discovered the responsibilities, loans and the virtuous cercle of a company. This is a great means of expression, and of personal and collective fulfillment. I try hard to create a coherence between what I am, what I do and the place where I live, with the Périgord as a common feature.

It is always with a sincere approach that I try to recognize and showcase exceptional products, it could be a Limousine "Cul noir" (black-bottomed) pig, foie gras, black truffles, beef, a Périgord lamb, organic farm vegetables or more generally everything which is close to me, and which is made with respect and love.

Le Moulin du Roc 1* Michelin star since 1979

The chef's words...

My cuisine is above all the cuisine of a happy man: I am lucky to work and live in the house where I was born (in 1969) which I love and resembles me. "My profession, and my art, is to live..." 
It is, at first, to give a sense of achievement what I undertake, but it is also to have the consciousness that the travel that you will make to arrive until us is not deprived of interest and of curiosity... The place is already incredible, it is my universe, every object, every thing will have been chosen, the reflections, flowers, lights, everything sparkles. And everything around us, producers, breeders, craftsmen, collectors, contribute every day to the gastronomic brilliance of the Périgord. I really chose the best of them, the products of exception and so every morning, to cook is a happiness for me!
The Mill has its history, Périgord its wealth and for you the experience must be beautiful, unique and singular.
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